• I don't care you hate me and for your information they are lot people send friends request hen after a few chatting start offerr like they ahd millions of dollors want to invest lol and some people or staff of skyrock .com had dsending a msgs that just an insult mr.am not here to deal with bad friends those who not like me jist blocked in their list am not begging anything from friends am a poor mom but I don't molisted anyone am a good abiding person !

    • Good day,

      My name is miss jennifer, I just viewed your profile here in (SKYROCK.COM), and it interest me to write you for friendship, please if you don't mind, i will like you to write me back at ( jennifermabu@yahoo .in), so that we can introduce and know each other better, i will show you my pictures, and i also have something about me to share with you if only you can contact me back directly in my personal email address, because am not use to this site. regard
      from miss jennifer.( jennifermabu@yahoo .in)

  • I mean don't send scamm msgs if you don't want that I hate you !!

    • don't like me, i don't hate you but i hate what you have just said about me

  • Hello mr. Proud and scammer please don't sens me msgs I kponw your intention to fool people thanks for friends I don't need it !

    • you are not serious if that is what you think... you are missing your luck in life... Thanks and bye